Pick datetime - flow function does not work on a web app

Pick datetime works great on mobile, but the picker does not show up when I run my app on the web.

Is the function just for mobile cases?


There’s a view component for picking time on web called Date picker calendar (web) , you can also find it with token iwOpKO-E_U0D6-PL1Tuklg. Hope it helps.

Hello @Sasu_Makinen the web date picker is not functioning properly. The dates are greyed out and disabled. Also, can we have it as a flow function, or have the date picker flow function work for both mobile and web?

Hey @Mary_Etokwudo I tried to use the web date picker and I have a guess why the dates might be greyed out for you. The component needs min and max dates in order to show selectable dates. You can use e.g. 2000-01-01 for that (format is YYYY-MM-DD) or you can use some Formula functions like NOW() or ADD_DURATION() to help you define the dates.

Let me know if you still have issue with the date picker.

And to your second point: Yes, it would be simpler if the whole thing could be configured to all platforms by one Flow function. Still, this would be bit problematic since on mobile we can use native date pickers that always appear in same format and place on screen. But for web, we use a different component to allow users to place the date picker where they want and with just a Flow function date picker location would be just a guess. But we’ll look into this when we update/refine our components at some point down the line.


@Tomi_Laakso the web date picker works fine except that the input format(date) is giving me challenges while trying to set min and max date. AppGyver’s date formulas always return date-time format. And I do not want to enter the dates manually because date is not a constant, it will always change.

You can use the Formulas to format the dates the way you like. In this case e.g. NOW("YYYY-MM-DD") as in the example here.

If you have a date as a text already at hand, you can also use e.g. FORMAT_DATETIME_LOCAL to modify the date to the format you want.

For the pickdate, is this structure correct? I can’t seem to retrieve the data in app.

My variable is set to birthdate. Or must there be a part where I receive the event or receive output?

many thanks!

Same problem :frowning: all works fine in preview in Android, but when I try it in web browser (preview or builded) it doesn’t.

Works for dates. Something similar for Time Picker ???