Pick image is not working after build with Version: 1.9.15?

Pick image is not working after build with Version: 1.9.15… Any idea why?

Can you share your app ID? What client version was the previous working build built with?

Sure. 97500. Previous version was Version: 1.9.12

Mine still works thank God

not working with Version: 1.9.17 as well…

Could it have to do with permissions to access files and camera? What does it look like in the app settings? If you log the whole rawError, it should probably say something about the permissions (should improve error.message though).

The flow function internals themselves have not been touched and the flow function itself does work on the preview app and in other standalone builds.


Yes it says permission denied…

So you need to re-enable the permission via the Android OS Settings app. The plugin should re-ask the permission unless the user has not checked “do not ask me again”.

What Android OS version are you using?

I use android version 10

I have an other android device with android 10 and it works well at that device… I tried to give all permissions manually as well to my main android device, but still no luck…

Sounds strange. Which devices are these?

Samsung note 10 lite and Samsung Galaxy s10e

Quick update: pick file is working for android, but not working for IOS. That’s why I will use pick file for android and pick image for IOS…

Pick files is working for iOS. There was an issue with uploading file with a file got from pick files for iOS that was fixed today if you update your upload file flow function.

Or is there some other issue we are missing?

Pick files is working for iOS but it still only lets you select files not images…