Pick runtime version for iOS build

For the iOS build there are several runtime versions available:

I am confused about which runtime version is recommended.

  • is the version with the highest number the most advanced?
  • but according to the changelog, the newest Runtime is the release 3.4.10 (2022-03-24)
  • vs Runtime release 4.1.3 (2022-03-16)
  • and Runtime release 4.2.10 is not documented on the changelog currently.

After all: Why are there so many options?

I am sticking to 3.3.5 because I see people on the forum having nothing but problems with the later versions. When that noise dies down I will move forward.

The Quality Assurance part of the process is limited to make the very kindest assessment possible.

3.4.10 is actually newer than 4.1.3, which is why the changelogs are in an odd order.

I’ll ask about the missing changelog for 4.2.10 :disappointed:

I do agree that we should have an UI option for the recommended stable version :thinking: We’re painfully aware that Build Service’s UI needs a facelift, but are wrestling with other priorities at the moment.