Pick Time suddenly not working as desired

Pick Time used to work perfectly. Since a couple of days, its just showing time in the form as shown in the screenshot. I am checking it on the Appgyver App on iOS

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I am having the same problem (I believe @Chris_Duncan is as well) with date selection (screenshots attached). This was working and then maybe a few days to 1 week ago it started doing this…

My test page (below) has a date midway on the left. When I tap that it used to bring up the native date selection “spinner” control to select year, month, date. Now it brings up this:

If I tap the date in the pop-up (i.e. “Aug 19, 2021”) is brings up this screen:

Team Appgyver. Please let us know a solution to this issue.


This change is the new iOS 14 system default. Since flow functions use native components, these changes can happen when iOS updates their native components. I agree it’s a bit confusing and not very intuitive – we’re looking into bringing back the wheel picker as an alternate option.


That will help. Awaiting it. Any idea how soon it is possible?

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Ashish Kamdar

Thanks for the information! That helped me find some additional details for whomever is interested:

Thanks for bringing this up @Steve_Stava!

@Cecilia @Mevi Do you know of a solution to the date picker issue? Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi! It’s still in the works, so nothing yet. Planned for 2.7.X.