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I have a problem with the French government API. The images that I use in an application no longer display but only in SAP AppGyver preview. (API: RappelConso — Ministère de l'Economie, des Finances, et de la Relance)
For example this image: http://rappel.conso.gouv.fr/image/83eb0370-64fc-4e84-bd23-18c4c5997f5e.jpg
it is displayed during design but not when the application is run, even after compilation.
Do you have an idea ? Can you try at home?
Thanks in advance.

Doing rehearsals for me the problem is the URL of the image. If I take the URL of your API, and paste it into the browser it is normal and with its normal parameter. But when I already enter my project it is not seen, due to the restriction of the provider of its API and something prevents by its policies that it is not displayed in projects.

In image number 1 I entered the URL from a Data API that I have and it is not displayed.

In image number 2, I put the image in a different URL and if it is displayed in my technology project.

That means that the problem is not AppGyver’s, the problem is with the API provider that applies its privacy policy.

Here I leave the URL of the same image and you can paste it into your project to verify and know what is really happening and have some idea.

New URL:

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Thank you very much… I saw the same thing but strangely all the images of this API do not react in the same way some are displayed. And until 3 days ago all were displayed.
I’m still trying to figure out what the restriction is.

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