Platform-Specific UI

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I’d kindly like to know if it’s possible to develop platform-specific UI in Composer Pro?

For example, the UI of a Date selector on an iOS device is different from one on an android device (click here for an example picture).

And as it’s known, iOS apps have their own UI style while android apps use the Material design system.

So I’d just like to know if one can develop such platform-specific UI? If this is possible, how can it be done/are there any workarounds?

Or will both operating systems just have to share the same UI design?

Thanks in advance.

Yes you can create branching logic depending on your operating system via systemVars.os . so you can for example open different pages or render different components depending on that value.

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Oh great stuff! It’s nice to know that that’s possible :sweat_smile:

Will be sure to give it a try

I had a related problem with native mobile vs web-app:
The toast element did not work in web-browser, so I thought I branch to an alert element instead if user has mobile os, but of course that includes mobile web-browsers, so ended up using only alert elements instead of toasts.

I could have maybe used the systemVars.browser for this?

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or systemVars.runtime

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