Play music in background

Hi There!

I’m new here and im trying appgyver and i like it!
So i made a sort of app with online radio stations and it all works, except the audio stops when i lock my phone, how can i make it so it plays in the background?

Also iam new with coding and stuff and sorry for my english xD

Hey @HelleH were you ever able to find an answer to this question? I’m in a similar situation myself.

Same issue. Mine isn’t a radio player, but the app I created is basically a mirror of my website. When you open the app, your on the mobile version of the website.

Our website is for a church, that plays sermons, and if turn your screen off or back out of the app to do something else, the audio stops after a few minutes. Really need a fix to this

Hey @Zachary_Breeden, @Mevi answered a similar question to this here.
Not sure if anything has changed yet though, so it seems it’s still not possible. If anyone made a workaround, however, I’d love to hear that.

Hi addae.nurse,

I did not found any solution so far, i did read that thread, so i hope they will they give us the option very soon, that would be very nice.