Play remote Audio

Hi, i need to play remote audio (web-radio) when tap element. I set logic but no audio play. Can you help me?

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Hi there

Are you getting any errors in the debugger? Is it possible to share the url you’re trying to play from?

No error in debug. I try to play this stream: (live stream) but also other like this or doesn’t work

I was able to get these ones to play both on Web and Android (after granting permissions).

Which device/OS did are you on?

Now I try on Android and it works, but no on iOS.
How can i refresh permission? I think it can be the issue

Hi! Sorry this has gone unanswered for a while :I Are you still experiencing this issue?

On iOS i can only play remote audio (webradio) through webview.

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Alright, is that solution good for you or would you like to try and debug why whatever you’re doing on Android doesn’t work for iOS?

For now i think webview can be the best solution… i’m waiting for next Composer Pro release to test other. Thanks!

Unless we find out more precisely what your issue is, it’s unlikely to get fixed by accident :thinking: There is some chance that 2.X (currently in beta) might fix it since it includes plugin updates etc., but I would feel more confident if we could figure out your issue in full.

On ios when i click to play stream nothing happens, if i connect an “alert” to outputs , neither success or error was triggered. No error in debug.

Hmm. On iOS, I was able to get a link like to easily work, but the two streams you linked did not work. It might be that a separate plugin is required for streaming on iOS, and that would become available once we have third party plugin support.

Hi Mevi, have you some roadmap about third party plugin? I need to play webradio, on iOS i use with success a webview, but on Android it works for 3-4 minutes and after audio hangs (i think because player doesn’t appear on notification bar and go in background). What can i do? Thanks

Hi! Well, as far as I know it’s still on the Q1 roadmap, but we have had some delays so that’s still uncertain, I think :confused:

Can you suggest any other solutions ?

Sorry, but I don’t really have any more solutions than offered above :disappointed:

I have managed to get MEDIA AUDIO PLAYER to work on IOS; however, for some reason it is asking permission to access MICROPHONE , which Apple Store do not accept !!!

We have this same issue for the video player

Hello guys,

Any update for this topic?? I’m facing the same issue for my app,

It’s not playing in IOS :confused:



Did you test if worked on iOS?