Please add a confirmation warning before deleting an item

When you hover over a component and try to select it, if you do not know you are on top of the x to delete it, it deletes the item, and if you have done any changes without saving, you have to do them all over.

Please pay attention to basic developer experience. Hours are lost everyday re-doing things and waiting for appgyver ui to update.

Use the “Revert” button next to the “Save” button in the top.
Have you seen any kind of confirmation in any “text editor” when you use the “backspace” button? No. Why because that wouldn’t make sense. Instead, you have the “undo” events, in AG it is called “Revert”. This is no magic. However, one thing to note is that with using Revert always check your logic as some wrong connections might show up.

2nd Suggestion, don’t rush-click on the UI. If you need to rearrange items on the UI use the layout tree. It is much simpler to align items there…

*And a presonal note. Please tell me, why are you been so stressed out in the past few days? I don’t see anything else, just raging posts… Please be more patient and mindful. You get a product that is packed with features for free…

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If you would read my post you would see the sense. You obviously misread it.

I was offering a wise suggestion not asking for advice.

And I do not rage I just state things plainly to try to show team how to improve the developer experience. If you interpret any of my posts as raging that is not what is intended.

Industry white papers recommend adding confirmation before deleting anything. Now, the revert button reverses all actions since last time app was saved. If you save app after each little thing, it would take hours to do anything. My suggestion to add a confirmation before deleting an item is based on the same logic which prompted appgyer to offer a confirmation before reverting, and only makes sense based on industry best practices recommendations and standards.