Please explain Mevi's calendar video


I’m going to go right to the problems.
And I will appreciate any help you can give me!!

It’s the video called Mevi’s component factory, simple calendar.
I have questions of the screenshot at hand.

But I need to explain my situation, I can’t see that well, I’m waiting to go to a doctors appointment. To get my vision fixed next month.
And the tiny text in that youtube video is just too blurry and small for me to see.

Anyway, shall I continue…

I can’t tell what the logic says in those boxes? Please tell me what they say?

Then, where can I find the "calendar _days page variable?

  • where do I search it for? The search bar?

And I would appreciate if if you could pinpoint the places where I can put them?

Thanks for your help and have a sunny day

Maybe you should try to reproduce what Mevi is doing step by step. To understand well.

It’s like I asked in my post, I don’t know how to start it