Please fix open Page in 2.X runtime for standalone android build

This works perfectly in the 1.9.20 for standalone apps for android. This does not work when authentication is turned on in 2.X but works in 1.9.20 is that suppose to happen does anyone know ?

This works now with 2.4.17, but you need to enable the “Allow page to be opened without authentication” under page advanced settings for the pages you want to open from the login view:

Is this the updated version ? This option isnt available for me in my canvas. Additionaly i realize that the video player only accepts files with .mp4 at the end, is there a way to play video files from youtube ?

We just rolled out the update – can you try refreshing your browser? Note that this update is not yet available in the BLACK env.

Please make a new thread about the video issue so we’re not sidetracked here! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update but it did not work on the standalone android build, when i click open page it doesnt open i added it to every page.

What is the app ID? Did you rebuild your app after enabling the toggle? Does it work in the Preview app?

2724793 is the app id, yes i did build after adding it in, the open page works in preview.