Please help me figure out how to make a ranking function

Hello, I’m newer to Appgyver and I can’t figure out a feature I want for the app I’m making. Basically, there will be names listed and each name will have a score input. Then when it goes to the next page, I want it to list the names from highest to lowest score. So I need to link the name and score variables and sort by scores. I know how to use the sort function with “asc” or “desc”, but I don’t know how to get the new page to change the name order displayed based on the sorting. I think maybe it could be done with the composite component property features, but I haven’t figured out a way yet. Please help! And thanks in advance.

If you can post screens shots and the formulas used, it could help to answer.

I don’t have any formulas to show because I’m not even sure how to make this work. But this is what I’m after. The names are input variables and the scores are tied to each name.

After editing scores for hole 1, I want the names to change order once the page changes to hole 2. So the scores are sorted descending, and the names need to rearrange to match the scores.

I think you can sort your list of players with : sort_by_key ()