PLEASE HELP - Tap Component flash

I am making an app that involves reading articles. On one of my pages, users can tap anywhere on the page to show/hide a floating menu. The problem is, every time someone taps the page or even scrolls, the whole page flashes (like a button being touched).

How do I edit the CSS property to stop flashing on clicks for components?? Can I edit the JavaScript code??


Unfortunately, thats not configurable as of now, one solution is to make the area smaller so that the user doesnt interfere all the time with it, but only uses it when needed

Hmm. I was able to edit something like this on WordPress by adding HTML code and JQuery and referencing the DIV element. Do you think I could do something like that here? Perhaps using the JavaScript flow?

From what i know, the Js component cant edit other components, and in general, the components are not editable, I think there are feature requests to be able to stop that flashing.


The component with the tap event does not flash if there is nothing on its logic canvas (perhaps just enough if nothing connected to the tap event). But Iā€™m not sure of your more specific usecase ā€“ if you could share a gif or video of what happens and more screenshots of your setup and/or your app id, I might be able to have a look.

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