Possible disable navigation menu bug

Hey, I disabled the navigation menu so I can create a custom nav bar. As soon as I disabled navigation menu, all of my pages open from the bottom up like modals. When I reenable navigation menu, pages open normally again. What do you think is going on? Thanks!

Hi! Thanks for reporting this, this is definitely a bug :slight_smile:

When I disable the Navigation Menu, the Navigation Header Bar shows “id Page” instead “Page Name”.
Its a bug too or i’m doing something wrong?

Hey @Richard_Ducatti, this one is also a bug, thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

@Mevi Hi, I have this problem too. Is there any idea of when it will be fixed? Thanks.

This bug is still occuring. Any idea as to when it’ll be fixed?

Hi! There are two bugs here so I’m not sure which one you’re referring to, but neither has been solved as of yet. For pages opening like modals, a hopeful projection is in 2.7.X.

Hi @mevi, this is the bug I’m referring to.

Additionally, something I noticed is that I can tap very quickly a component and it’ll open the same page twice (in this case, as modals, one over the other one). Is this behaviour preventable or is it also a bug (related in any way to the above?



The latter one is not a bug. You can prevent this by using throttle or debounce flow functions before opening a page.

Okay brilliant, I will have a crack at those two, thanks @Mevi. What’s a hopeful estimate for 2.7.X release?

Hi, we’re now working on 2.7.X so hopefully it will be out during May.

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