Possible to build full-featured social networking apps with AppGyver?

Something like a Facebook, a Quora, a Twitter, a Tinder etc.
Where user-generated content is the driving force.
Is there a templating system like Bubble.io where we can get started with a basic structure?
AppGyver seems to be a bit more powerful when compared to Bubble.io. Would this assumption be correct?

Hi! Happy New Years and sorry for the belated answer :sweat_smile:

Hmmm, well depends on what level of functionality you would like and how much experience you have. For example using social log in (google/apple/facebook) is still a lot of work at the moment, but will be made easier in the future as we continue to develop our platform. Also you will have to think carefully about the data structure of your app, as social networking apps can be quite complex. I would recommend checking out some external backend providers, for example Backendless or similar, and in general designing well from the start what type of data you need and how to structure it (experience in data structuring comes handy here).

At the moment we don’t have templates available as of yet, unfortunately, so you’d need to start from scratch. I recommend checking out some of our video tutorials to get started, if you’re new to the platform.

Let’s say something like Twitter with audio and video sharing capabilities.

Hmm. Our video player is currently not up to par, but we will have more options (and the option to include your own choice of third party react native plugin) for video player later on this year. But right now the audio/video features are very elementary, so it depends on your schedule for when you need this to be ready.

@DEBASHISH_SAHOO I have a couple of playlists on my YouTube channel one of which covers a very high level overview of making a basic social network app, but may not be as advanced as what you are looking for.