Possible to customize page load style?

When navigating to a page, it appears the default is to float left. Is it possible to customize that to float or slide up, instead?


That’s coming up with our runtime upgrade that has other upgrades to navigation too!

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Oh awesome! Is there an anticipated release date for that yet? Eg: 1 week, 1 month, 1 year…?

I haven’t started looking into this yet, but I’m hoping I can hide the navigation on some pages. If that isn’t yet a thing, feel free to consider it :wink:

Configuring when the navigation bar is visible will also be possible on a per-page basis.

I’d say month or two, but that can always change either way – we’re putting final touches to a major runtime upgrade which includes the updated navigation, so once we have everything there working, the rest of the work should be easy. I’ll keep everyone posted!