Possible to get AppGyver Auth user group?

Trying out this amazing product :wink:

Just wondering if it is possible to get AppGyver Auth user group from the app variables? Currently I am just getting user email and other things I cannot easily tie to any kind of role management.

The user groups should be included under the groups key in the Current user output of Authenticate user/Validate current session flow functions, but looks like they are not included in the appVars.currentUser schema. Need to fix it!

In the meanwhile, you can see the schema of the groups array via e.g. debugger or just alerting outputs["Authenticate user (AppGyver Auth)"].currentUser.groups and add it to your currentUser app variable schema manually.


Did you already get a fix on it? I wanted to use the user groups but it isn’t in my appVars.currentUser schema. I tried to fix it by myself but it says that a list of unknown types is not assignable to a list of text (or any other list i tested).

Plus 1 on this request.

I can add it to the app variable, but I can’t seem to figure out how to set it. Can you advise on the steps to do so??

Did you figure out how to get this to work? could you show example?

Hi! What do you mean “set it”? The information of groups comes from the groups the user is in, as configured in the Auth tab.

I mean add it to (“set it”) the app variables object.

I have tried both adding groups to the app variable object and using the [“Authenticate user (AppGyver Auth)”].currentUser.groups in the page. Neither works. Can you clarify how I can check this value globally within the app?

@Mevi See post I just added

If you alert the result of the output from Authenticate user (AppGyver Auth), what do you get? (do it with a formula like ENCODE_JSON(outputs["Authenticate user (AppGyver Auth)"].currentUser))