Possible to use external OCR service?


Would it be possible to use a datasource and create record/post to access an external REST API based solution to get OCR information?

For example Taggun, I add a link with additional information:

I haven’t tried it but it looks as if it might work. What do you think? I would prefere to get your feedback before trying it out.

I’m looking to do something similar. There are several OCR API sources out there. The one that seems to work best for my application is “ocr.space”.

Where you able to find a solution to adding OCR to appgyver?

I have successfully integrated OCR.space into my Appgyver app by putting the OCR.space call in a XANO “create record” command and then calling the XANO “create record” command as part of my logic-flow in Appgyver. Although I’m not yet please with the accuracy of the OCR results, its free, there is massive room for accuracy improvements, and most importantly it works!

I’m trying to do something similar except without XANO.

In the Data tab I’ve created a REST API direct integration resource for the Free OCR API.

I’ve experimented with different settings in the Data configurator. I was able to run a successful test of the GET endpoint using their example static URL. But I can’t seem to get the POST endpoint working.

In the Data Config CREATE RECORD (POST) tab, when I try to add a query parameter the value type dropdown only allows text or number… not an image.

I believe the API wants a POST parameter with key = “file” and the value = the image file, but I don’t know how to set that up in AppGyver. :frowning:

Next I created a data variable but it’s probably not going to help much if I don’t have the data resource setup right.

I continued with my plan by creating a button with the logic flow Take Photo → Create Record. I tried to set the record properties to the output value of Take Photo, but unsurprisingly I can’t select the photo file because it’s incompatible.

Does anybody know how to properly make this connection? Or am I going about it in the wrong way?

@Victor_Morgan Could you please describe in more detail how you achieved this with XANO? I’ll try your method if I can’t get it to work without a backend middleman.

Sure Kyler.

First, I wasn’t even remotely able to get it to work without Xano. There is likely a way, but I don’t know it.

Here are a few screen-shots in Xano. You’ll need to request your own (free) API key and import the curl from their website to set it up (or follow the external API request pictured here in Xano).

In Xano, this is called with a “post” request from Appgyver with nothing returned.

Hi Victor, thanks for the reply and screenshots.

I guess I thought you had some success because you said:

(Emphasis mine)

Sorry if I misunderstood you.

I’ll keep toying around with this. My next attempt may involve the Upload Files flow function that was suggested in this thread.