POST API calls keeps failing

Hi guys,

I am trying to execute a POST REST API, but I keep on running into trouble.
I use a spreadsheet-to-API service, which tells me:
“your record should be nested in a singular root property named after your sheet. For example if your endpoint is named emails, nest your record in a property called email” (see screenshot below).

I keep running into a 400 error, which tells me that the API expects me to have this ‘singular root property’
Any knows whether I can manipulate the API call to that ‘singular root property’ here in AppGyver?


Not sure but you can use a formula and use the object type.
I have not tried that.

Exactly, if the API requires your object to be in a certain format, you can define it using a formula, like {"sheetName": {"prop1": "value1", "prop2": "value2"}}.

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Thanks! For me that meant using the formula function and then adding “{“root property I needed” :” in front of the current formula already loading

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