Post data from AppG to S/4 - CSRF error

We are trying to POST from AppG to an S/4 system using oData from an S/4 exposed API.

We are running some issues on the CSRF token handshake. Even if we execute the Get / Fetch and we do retrieve the token so it can be used to the POST request header we still get a CSRF Token Validation Failed.

Has anyone experience similar issues?

Many thanks in advance,


Not very familiar with this topic, but from searching the forums I found this topic, perhaps it would be helpful for you?

Hi @ALEX_DALENTZAS, I was in touch with your colleague about this and the issue didn’t seem to be on AppGyver side. There seems to be quite a lot of discussion on the topic in the SAP Community, check out if one of these threads could have a solution for you: Search the SAP Community

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