(POST) document in firestore with rest api

hi im trying to create a document in firestore via the rest api
my problem, is that i dont know what i should put in the Record properties

this is the answer i get from the firestore call and thats the structure of the data that i want to write in the document

“name”: “projects/make-/databases/(default)/documents/users/i1F1pUS5bGY9P7ZHVECD”,
“fields”: {
“email”: {
“stringValue”: “19D”
“nickname”: {
“stringValue”: “kalam”
“surname”: {
“stringValue”: “vam”
“name”: {
“stringValue”: “dim”
“phonenum”: {
“stringValue”: “69409”
“createTime”: “2021-12-18T14:46:18.749260Z”,
“updateTime”: “2021-12-22T19:13:49.909510Z”

Actually it worked like this