POST 'list of texts' record in Airtable Issue

Hi Appgyver Community,

I have setup a custom schema under “CREATE RECORD (POST)” which has a property (called “CategoryType”) with “list of texts” as value type. When I input the test value copied from GET response i.e. [“recoQtkNdeIusnOEp”], it returns a 422 with following error message:

{“type”: “INVALID_RECORD_ID”, “message”: “Value “[“recoQtkNdeIusnOEp”]” is not a valid record ID.”}

I have tested on POSTMAN with the same schema and test values and it created the record on Airtable perfectly but could not get it to work on Appgyver.

Appreciate any help or advice.


Looks like it is for some reason passing the array into the id field, when the id field probably should be just the string (text). Try passing just the string as the id, perhaps that works? :thinking:

Thanks Mevi for your response. Yes, it was the array that was the issue and managed to resolve using FIND and LOOKUP to extract the id.