Post new records item list in firebase

Hi I need to post an item list in firebase. I want to create a record for each item.
The list is in the variable app (cart) and I want to create the items in the order.
What is the best way to do it?

You want your variable to be a List of Objects. Because if you want to read that data back into Appgyver and display in a repeated component then it should be a List of Objects.

There is a Formula function called ORDER that I like to use to Sort lists. You would do a SORT on your List of Objects first, then POST the whole array to Firebase.

So for example, if you have a List of People (appVars.People) that has a field called “Age” and you want to sort the list from youngest to oldest, then you could do:

appVars.People = ORDER(appVars.People, item.Age, “asc”)

Great, but my question is: how can I post the list to firebase? the problem is that I want to create a record for each item. But I do not know how. Thanks

Hello John, may you please explain how does that work in Appgyver?

I am passing in a list of objects.

But I still get this error:

And in Firebase Real-time Database it gets stored like this:

I have been picking my brain on this the entire day. Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you!

In Response key path put messages


that is what we tried:

but the result is still the same:

Any ideas about what could cause this issue?

Thank you!
@JOHN_WORSHAM @Mevi - We have realized, that it doesn’t really matter what you type into the response key path, it won’t change anything.