POST requests to nodejs server always leaves body empty Attempt 2

Why is the data I put in the custom object not sent? My server console.logs req.body and its always an empty object.

I need to integrate my nodejs server for my app, is this even possible? If so, how do you send info in the body object? I can’t find any hint of this issue anywhere.

Would I be able to just send the request by inserting js into a function? I really just want to use the front-end builder.


Hi, the record properties should be sent as the request body, have you checked that they in fact get some values if they are bound to variables or formulas? Alternatively you can try to use the HTTP request node from the marketplace and input the request body there as JSON. Opening the Chrome network inspector can also help to see if the problem is with the request being sent, or if there might be a problem with your server setup.

Strange, nothing I did could get the request body to my server off the Data tab, but the network tab showed it did indeed send the payload. Is it sent as something other than req.body? I read through the entire request my server received and there was no hint of my data, body was an empty object.

Then I tried out the HTTP request node and it worked first time.

Its very confusing that they both don’t work the same.

Hi, glad to hear that the HTTP request node worked! I don’t think there should be any difference between using Create record and making a POST through HTTP request node, I’ll pick up the topic with the development team.