Potential Zoom Tutoring Sessions

I have a general app idea that I’d like to pursue with Appgyver. There is a chance / likely nothing will come from it, but I wanted to learn a bit more about development and prototyping on this platform.

Unfortunately, I hit a wall mostly due to time constraints. I just don’t have the time to filter through videos, and text, only to come up short when I have 30-60 minute intervals two days or so out of the week to work with.

With that said, I’m inquiring if there are experienced individuals out there who would be open to Zoom tutoring sessions? Or if Appgyver has a service for that? I have one idea that I’d like to seriously push forward, but I also want to learn how to prototype potential app ideas in the future. The service and community that Appgyver provides is amazing and thank you all for it!

Eric W.

We don’t have a service for that per say, but there are some users here on the forums that have expressed interest for doing freelance work :slight_smile: Please try searching some of the other threads!

Thank you Mevi! Someone did reach out privately and it looks like I will be hiring them for freelance work.