Power-up: Lists & Not Visualized

Good morning, Please have a list of recorded data that is perfectly visualized but not published. It happens that when I record and save data in this list through the pc, i can only view them on the pc, not viewing them on the cell phone, or any other devices; and, similarly, when I record and save data in this list
through my cell phone, I can only view them on my cell phone, not on my pc, or on any other devices. please how do I to record, save the data in this list on any devices, and view it on any. Thank you!!`

Check the following things:

  1. Is create record succeeding, or do you get an error?
  2. Are you refreshing the data on the page regularly? No change will appear until data is loaded, so there needs to be a logic that fetches new data. See this tutorial.

Good evening and thank you very much for your reply.

  • Yes, and it appears on the list page.
  • Actually, the update takes place inside the device with no problems on both pages, the view PC runs perfectly.
    It turns out that when I go to the view cell there is nothing there, and when I run on the view cell, nothing I typed on the cell appears on the pc, and vice versa.
    I’m using the “on-device storage data resource” with API, and I would like to use only this native appgyver resource with API, would it be possible? Thank you so much.

Ah, well. If the storage is on-device, you would of course only see the changes on the device they are made on, until they are applied to some API/backend somewhere else, which is accessed by the other device using the app (and here there needs to be a refresh loop again).

Thank you very much for your tip, it was very helpful. When I started to get acquainted with appgyver I believed that the solution was end to end, as they announced on the website, but it is disappointing to know this deficiency. Not that appgyver is bad, on the contrary it is very good. More the idea presented is end-to-end application solution, without “restrictions”. very frustrating…Despite being written, the environment “list on any devices” had to be stamped on all development windows, and especially on the developed device, which will only run on the development device, very disappointing… .Thanks. :cold_sweat: :cold_sweat: :cold_sweat:

Hi! Sorry for your disappointment and the wrong idea that you had – we do not provide a backend solution at the moment (we will in the future though). Our webpage says to bring your own data. In our docs, the following is stated:

Data works between apps when it is shared via a backend. We have a ready-made integration with Google Firebase if you want a very straight-forward solution. A lot of our users also like to use XANO, Airtable or Backendless, so you might like to check them out as well.

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