Preload Audio for Playback

Hey guys,

Has anyone managed to figure out the preload audio for playback.
In my case i am trying to preload audio that is hosted on my server.

I have tried:

  • using the server url for both preload / playback and the same ids for the id - this seems to make no difference in loading time
  • tried setting the preloaded object to a page variable - but when trying to reference the pagevars.Audiopreload.source I am getting the error - " unknown error occured while playing the audio file at undefined"

Any help or tips would be much appreciated :smile:

Bumping for help! - still stuck with this one


This is the set up we have in one of our test apps:

For preloading:

For playing:

Based on this I would check the following:

  1. Do you wait until preloading is done before playing the audio?
  2. Are you using Start/resume audio playback flow function to play the audio?
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Ahh Mevi thank you so much!

I was using the play audio flow function not the start resume - this makes much more sense!!!

Got it working now!!

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