Preload Audio - ios v Android

Hi All

A query on why this would function differently across ios and android and if I can do anything to ‘fix’ it.
On Android on 4G the page opens almost immediately but on ios it takes 25 or so seconds…

The idea is that when the page of the app opens (after a button click), an audio track plays.

Basic set up is on an ‘intro’ page I have a button that ‘Preload audio for playback’ and the source is a url to an mp3 hosted at backendless. I am also pushing a page parameter to the ‘next’ page that is the playback id.
On the ‘next’ page on event = Page Focused I have ‘Start/resume audio playback’ using the page parameter.

Any ideas as to why this functionality is so much slower on ios? It isn’t a slight difference, it takes forever on ios…


Hmm… My suggestion is that you would preload the audio earlier on some other page, or even on the global canvas, that would speed up the playback at least, if it’s possible to do.