Preview app crashes

When I open to Appgyver PReview App and click on the app I am working on it flashes up one page of the app and the crashes a few seconds later.

What I was doing when this problem started was changing fonts.

I have tried the following:

  • deleting and reinstalling preview app
  • turning phone on and off
  • using the debugger

Please help!

Edit: Also, when I open the app in the web browser preview it says “An unexpected error has occurred”

Hi @Charlotte_Amrouche, is this still occurring when you try to access your app? What is your app ID (number sequence in Composer URL)?

Hi Mari,

Yes this is still happening.

App ID 263030


Hi @Mari

Have you been able to check on this issue? The problem still persists…


Hey @Charlotte_Amrouche, there is a bug, where if you remove the page that was your initial page, the initial page doesn’t get remapped to the current initial page. So just fixing the first page in the Navigation tab from the top menu, with your current initial page will fix this issue.


Hi @Kristian_Gerkman

I was able to change my first page to the ‘home page’ on the navigation tab (you were correct that there was no page assigned to the first page). However, the issue is still happening.

Can you please advise further?


Hey, for me it works now. Maybe you tried to open it right after you saved the app. Could you try to open the app again in preview? Also are you trying to open it in the web or iOS/Android preview? (I tried web)

If you are using mobile, and it still doesn’t open, is it updated to the latest version?