Preview App Doesnt Load

Hello team,

I know this question has been asked many times before but I just wanted to add in my specific details. After downloading the new SAP Appgyver preview app, the loading time increased a lot. But now it seems to not want to load ever, not on my phone, not on my laptop. A few times I’ve caught it loading, and if I try to load it again without making changes, then it never loads.
Sometimes I roll back to another version using the history, load it, takes forever but loads, then I make one simple change that should not affect anything, and then it never loads.

If I DO build the app, then everything appears and works as normal, aside from the fact that it gets real slow after some time/ user interaction.

Most people that have posted this question or similar end up figuring it out themselves. Right now I just want some suggestions on where to look. I cant use the debugger because it doesn’t even load. Can someone tell me what things COULD cause this or any leads on to what this may be? Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @Nathalia_Gomez, there are some common causes for endless spinner here:

If none of the solutions work, could you provide us with your app ID (number sequence in project URL) so we can look into it?

I took a look at the common errors but nothing fixed the error. This is the app ID: 245106, can you check?