Preview App in Mobile Device


Currently I’m using SAP Build Apps free-tier, and I found that I can’t preview the app in mobile device that my team is building, by using ‘SAP AppGyver Preview’ app installed in my mobile phone. There’s no option to preview it using ‘Scan QR code’, and whenever we use the pin code, it hits error. For now, we are able to preview the app in SAP Build Apps using ‘Web Preview’ only.

Meanwhile, there’s the other team that is also using SAP Build Apps, but they are using the paid-plan. They are able to view the app they are building using ‘Web Preview’, as well as ‘Mobile Device Preview’ by selecting the scan QR code option.

Just want to confirm, is there a difference between SAP Build Apps free-tier and SAP Build Apps paid plan, regarding the ability to preview the app in mobile device?