Preview app not working 22/04/2021

It seems the preview app is no longer working. I see the spinner coming up and it keeps there untill an “network error retrying to download app descriptor” pops up. Another thing I noticed is that the last update time is 0 seconds ago everytime I refresh my list of apps, there seems to be some infinite update process going on…

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Also, it was working just fine this morning…

My app ID is: 200918

The debugger doesnt show anything by the way.

@Mevi @Cecilia can you place take a look at this?

Also seems that building apps no longer works.

I got the following problem if I open the console in the webbrowser preview (only with this app):

Found out the problem. I used a formula in one of the theme variables, which made the preview and build process crash.

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same problem

all projects cannot open with the same alert

I just started getting this as well, was working earlier today. No changes made

the mobile app apears this meddage for all projects

Getting something similar on web and mobile-web

Same issue here been having it for about the last 30 minutes

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Their servers are probably just having major issues right now. Seems like its happening for a lot of people all at the same time.


Seems to be working for me now

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