Preview app not working on Android

Hi there,

I have recently signed up with Appgyver and go through the instruction videos.
After following the first few videos, the Appgyver app will not open the app any more.

Any help will be appreciated.


Could you tell more how it doesn’t open anymore? Does it perhaps show an infinite Spinner? Or does AppGyver app actually crash when you try to open your own app?

If it’s the Spinner issue, check that you have Hide spinner Flow function attached to Page mounted event of your initial page. This is needed to hide the default spinner that appears during app load.

Hi Tomi,

yes, it was the infinite spinner.
it’s fixed now!


Hey, I am currently having problems with this. I am trying to trying to view my app but it comes up with a red background page with email addresses and error.

Okay, that sounds like a real crash. Could you tell me your app ID so I could take a look and see what could cause this?

172313 - This is my app ID. Thanks

Sorry for taking so long to answer. I checked and fixed the issue now. It happened because you had an item in your navigation configuration that wasn’t any page anymore. You probably had deleted the page, but Composer still left it as a navigation item (which it shouldn’t do or it should at least complain about this -> fix will come at some point).

I added now page Your profile there as the previous/non-existent page was My account and that was the closest option I think. Check if you want to change this to something else or if you want to rename your tab. Both can be done on Navigation tab (selectable at the top of Composer page).


No problem, saw it working today! Thanks!

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Thanks, I was having the same problem.