Preview App not working

Appgyver Team,
The preview app has stopped working suddenly.
It opens this page with the loading circular icon and just stays there. This is on the Appgyver Mobile Preview and also on the Web Preview. Kindly assist.

Sorted. I removed the Spinner on the Page Load. But surprisingly, it was working as expected before. Now, it seems to just stop there. Anyways, can’t wait much. So found a workaround.

Hi, Im also experiencing the same issue - even after deleting my Spinner. Could any kind soul please help.

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Same here. A few days ago the preview app was loading 1 time out of 10 attempts… now it is not even openning once.

I managed to figure out a way but it was painful - had to copy and paste all my containers from my old app to a newly created app.

Just afraid the same problem might pop up again. Could the Appgyver team look into this please (my app ID is 223171)