Preview app randomly selects different default theme font weights/types

Hey guys, when I load my app in the Preview App on my iPhone it seems to arbitrarily choose a font weight - sometimes it uses the normal version but sometimes it picks some heavy weight or a light weight or (worst of all) an italicised version. It seems completely random. I would say 70% of the time this doesn’t happen, the rest of the time it’s a lucky dip.

Hi Bryony, thanks for reporting this behavior!

A few troubleshooting questions: Are you using default or custom fonts? Have you made any changes to the Typography section of the Theme editor? Which components are affected and how is the font weight defined in the components that are behaving like this (bound to theme variables or something else)?

Here are the default font weight settings for reference:

I see this issue as well in the preview app. Seems to happen mostly with custom fonts.

Hi @Ali_Ehteshami, sometimes this happens when the font you have uploaded doesn’t have the component’s chosen font weight available – do all your texts have a defined weight chosen from the dropdown?