Preview cannot be opened

I am having trouble to open preview for my app. It just appear some loading spinner that never end.

How should i fix this?

My app : 261383

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I am having the same problem of an endless spinner black half circle shows off. Besides, the url tells " unexpected error occurred…"

Can I get help from anyone?

Hi, you can find the most common reasons behind endless spinner issue here in the FAQ:

My app already implement hide spinner logic on starting page. The endless spinner was not inside an app but instead loading at preview dashboard.

I am having the same problem. Cannot open any apps from preview dashboard. Page stuck with a blue spinner. Tried different browsers, from desktop and mobile, logging out, restarting. Just cannot open any app previews. Is this a bug? Any help would be appreciated.

Same here, clicking an app it just spins before loading, mobile and web :frowning:

Something probably wrong with AppGyver preview server(s). This seems to happen every once in a while. When it does, there’s nothing you can do – just have to wait until someone comes to work and fixes the problem.

The build service still seems to be working though – just completed one successfully

same issue here :frowning: :(:frowning:

Hey! We’re looking into the preview issue, it should be resolved soon :slight_smile: sorry for the inconvenience!

@Marty_Flickinger @Lukasz_Kwiatkowski preview should work again now!

Still the same . got spinner stuck at preview list dashboard