Preview don't work when add firebase to the app

Hi everyone, I have a problem:
I am trying to implement an app from scratch and first of all I would like to view the data present in a collection on Firebase. I follow the guide on the site step by step (Firebase - Google Firebase) but when I try to make a preview I don’t get anything (see image). Keep spinning endlessly. Any idea what the cause might be? Thank you

It is most probably not because of the Firebase integration.

Try clearing your browser’s cache. Use the ctrl+shift+r combination to reload the page. Or relaunch your browser.

Hi, thanks for answering me. I cleared the browser cache and also restarted the browser. The app is now displayed but no data is visible.

Hmm, do you use the Connector?

Have you done binding the data resources in the “variables” tab, under the data variables?

Can you tell more details about the issue?

by deleting and recreating the data binding from scratch, everything was fine. Thanks for your help.

The solution suggested by Mihaly_Toth works for the first time but the problem occurs with almost every new modification of my app. Is there a way to make everything smoother?

I have no other idea. Maybe there are some issues under the hood, and let’s hope for a quick resolution from the AG Team.

thanks again, I’m looking for a solution under the hood