Preview is not working/not loading data

I am trying to consume an API in my application and I can see the data is getting populated in the composerPro. But when I try to do a web/mobile preview the data is not getting loaded. Please help me with the issue.


Working in Composer Pro: do you mean that test in the data resource tab is working? If you open the web preview and your developer tools (right click on your browswer → Inspect → Open the network tab) do you see any errors related to your API requests?

If you add some screen shots then that would help people understand your question, what you see as working and what isn´t.

Hi Cecilia,

Yes, the test in data resource tab is giving me a successful response.

In the composerPro when I bind the data-variable to the UI elements, the data from the API is displayed in those UI elements.

When I do a preview in web, It is not displaying any data from the API. When I check the network tab it is giving me a 403 Forbidden error for that particular API.

A 403 would seem to suggest to me that its a security issue from the resource. You need to ensure it allows all from * as the test and builder environments are different I believe.

Hi Phil,
You are right, it is a security issue. When we enabled the service to handle CORS, it worked.