Preview issue with containers

Hi guys,

First I would like to thank the team for your amazing work. I am no coder whatsoever, and I am really enjoying building an app for my future company. Almost finishing my product and I could achieve almost every aspect I needed.

I just would like to report an issue with the preview app.

I figured out that the preview would display no content (blank space) when I have various layers of content.

I first happened to me with rows. I would have 1 container, 1 row, 1 cell, 1 container inside it. I would duplicate this structure to create a list and fill my page. Everything looks good in composer but in preview, nothing is displayed, just the first instance.

Then it happened to me with a container structure : one container, inside a container, inside, inside a container. Just the first line is displayed in preview, the rest of the duplicated content is blank.

So I tried by deleting one layer of containers to have a structure that is only 3 layers, and it worked fine.

So I guess there is an issue when 4 layers of containers (or cell/rows) are used. I guess ?

Now I’m fine, I can continue to work, but I just wanted to report this.


(sorry for the super late answer :scream:)

Hmm, I haven’t really encountered this, but usually unless you have something in the container, there really isn’t anything to show in the preview? In Composer, there are the empty dotted lines to visualize where the container is so the users can drag something inside, but those dotted lines will not be visible in preview, if that’s what you meant? Sorry if I didn’t understand it correctly :sweat_smile:

No problem :blush:

What I mean is that when I have component, like a image for example, which is in a container, which is in a container, which is in a container… (:sweat_smile:) and I duplicate or copy paste it…
Then nothing is shown in the preview app.
The first time I do the pattern it is displayed, but once I copy it, those new instances are not displayed on the screen of the preview app.

That kind of bothered me to create pages which complex structure. That happened with containers and also with rows.
Removing one layer would solve the issue.

I could get around that problem, but I just wanted to share that issue.

Have a nice week !

Interesting :thinking: I’ll have an eye out on this issue, thanks for letting me know and going through the trouble of elaborating!