Preview not loading

The preview for my project 254651 isn’t loading anymore. The spinner just stays activated.

  • This is for for both: web preview (out of the launch tab) and iOS preview app.
  • I checked everywhere for a missing “hide spinner”
  • the debugger shows no acivities of the app, except loading AppVariables.

Disturbingly the preview for an old tutorial app (357487) works fine.

@Mevi , can you have a look into this please?

Hello @stayfoolish, I am also experiencing the exact same issue. I cannot access the preview portal (WEB) for one of my apps but for another, it works perfectly. I have made sure the “hide spinner” flow function is enabled and I’ve tried debugging. :confused:

I have also noticed some rather strange URL changes in Composer. For example, when I log in through the link on, it takes me to my apps page on and preview page on, rather than on or The old preview site, loads but displays the message “You have not created any apps in AppGyver Composer” when I definitely have… I don’t know if these changes have anything to do with this problem, though…

These problems seem to have begun after the recent update that also changed the Composer site styles (probably to update w/ SAP styles). We’ll see if @Harri_Sarsa or @Mari have any ideas… This is impacting our ability to continue development…

I also noticed this post: Build is taking too long / Cannot create new build, Composer Pro Login Issue - #2 by stayfoolish, and I can't open preview app portal reporting other problems caused by this update.


Hi @awesomeosep , I made the post : I can't open preview app portal , and is not related to:

Yesterday I working normally and suddenly started these issues in the exact same day that Appgyver team released an UPDATE at composer : Runtime release 2.12.2 (2021-09-08) Changelog - Composer on my side I am 100% sure that its nothing related to my development or any configuration … I hope they take this issue in high priority :pray:

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Still not working and I can’t continue the project. Loosing 4 days already :anguished:
@awesomeosep , @Daniel : any updates for your apps?


@stayfoolish , Not even response from Appgyver team … I wish that they are taking care and or working on this… because this kind of issue affects credibility of the platform … as is not something that you turn around and keep working like an “small” specific issues or limitations… THIS BLOCKS YOUR WORK LITERALLY !

Nope, Still no updates… :frowning:
Tried investigating the problem further, but with no luck either. We still haven’t had a response from the Appgyver team… @Mari @Mevi @Harri_Sarsa @Akseli_Virtanen I created a bug report on the tracker if you want to upvote it: App Preview never loads | Voters | AppGyver

Another strange thing is that my old web builds still work, but I’m afraid to make a new web build in case this problem is packaged with the build.

Hi @awesomeosep @stayfoolish @Daniel , apologies for the disruption caused by this. While the direct link cannot be used at the moment, you should still be able to access the web preview portal through the Launch menu in Composer.

We’ll take a look at the apps that aren’t loading (254651, 205146) to see if there’s something else going on there.

@Mari , I already said last week that “access the web preview portal through the Launch menu in Composer.” wasn’t possible app (251338)

Kindly take a look at my project 177135, as i also have the same problems described above. I can’t open the project on Preview on my iPad or from the Launch button on the main Composer menu. Thank you

Hi Mari,
thank you so much for looking into this. :+1:

I also tried the way with the launch pad already, but it doesn’t work…
imageimage → Eternal spinner: image

I’ve had this same issue since this Saturday.
Preview does not work on either the web using the Launcher or in the Appgyver preview app.

I tried making a new app and that one does work however.

Did some rollbacks and now it works again.

Unclear exactly what caused the error. Trying to make it happen again

@stayfoolish @awesomeosep … any update ? or news on your side ? I AM STOPPED … and in a “black hole” of no feedback ( timing and or prevision ) from Appgyver team :pensive:

Further to the nightmare of not being able to open projects from Launch and Preview. In my case, i can open my project only on my iPhone using a beta version of Preview I downloaded from the IOS TestFlight service. One day later, AppGyver retired the beta from TestFlight, thus preventing me from loading it onto my two development iPads. Project work has slowed to a trickle. I urge AppGyver to open up again the TestFlight version of the Viewer for download.. Thank you.

hi Daniel,
the preview is still not working …

Hey @stayfoolish, I checked your app, and it seems like somehow there is a missing flow function on your page 7, and once you open the page the issue gets fixed in Composer, but it doesn’t prompt you to save the app… So, opening your apps page 7 and then removing the MISSING SUBFLOW node (and replacing it with what you had there previously) should fix the issue.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Big thank you @Kristian_Gerkman!
I am so happy about the preview running again. :+1: