Preview not working on Android


The app is okay (using the AppGyver preview app) on iOS and desktop but in Android the text and buttons are cut off. Not sure why this is happening.

App ID - 219091

Hi, could you post a screenshot of what’s happening?

One thing that comes to mind is if you have some set dimensions or have disabled scroll on the page, it could be that the Android phone screen cannot accommodate the layout and cuts it off.

This is what was happening. Thank you @Mari I enabled stretch to viewport height and now the whole screen is visible :smiley:

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This may be the first time where I think the issue I describe is an Appgyver issue, not a “me” issue.

It seems my app logic works on the desktop version but does not work on my android phone. The look is different (see below) but more importantly the functionality behaves differently. Would there be a reason for this?


App id 212158

Specifically the filter function on page 4.0 (works fine on desktop, not on android).

Also the appearance on the desktop version looked fine until a few days ago when the spacing and layout changed- i did not change this.

Any help / suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks again for having a wonderful platform!

When I sort my repeated list on my desktop it sorts / displays appropriately. When I do it on my android smartphone the app has a critical error


Thanks for your help with all things Appgyver.

I have a basic question I was hoping you would answer:

If I experience a critical error for the same function on my smartphone app preview AND my desktop app preview, does that mean there is an error I made with my logic board?

And if there is a critical error on my smartphone app preview but the same functions work fine on my desktop app preview, is that an Appgyver bug?

(I guess that is two questions :wink:).