Preview not working on iPhone 13?

Hi all,

I’m having a strange issue where my preview is not working correctly on iPhone 13. I downloaded the Appgyver app and everything to preview. The preview does not at all look like what I have in my layout (for example, in my preview certain components appear correctly positioned but in the preview they are out of place) and the text of some buttons does not appear as well even though they are visible. Any thoughts on how to fix this? I feel like I’m doing something wrong here.

Always include screen shots when trying to describe a visual issue. It will encourage people to reply. Also, be precise about where you are seeing what. You mention preview a few times and I´m not sure if you mean AppGyver or the preview area in builder. They are quite different.

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I don’t think it’s just the iphone. its not working for many others at the moment- myself included. This will likely be resolved by tomorrow

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I am facing a similar issue with the AppGyver preview on my phone. Were you able to fix this?