Preview not working

I’m having an issue running my app via preview. It’s not loading in the web preview (Chrome browser). In the web browser, the spinner just keeps spinning. I captured the console log in the attached screenshot.

The app ID is 109109.

It’s worth noting that I’m involved in two projects, one of which is working perfectly in preview. The issue only occurs in the project that has the above-mentioned app ID.

Preview’s been working fine today and yesterday.

Some things I have experienced infinite load loops on.

  • Do you have more than one conditional renderer on any single page of your app? You may or may not use them to control visibility of certain components, but more than one on a single page can certainly (temporarily) break the app until you remove the second one in Composer.

  • Are you 100% sure your initial page is set with a stable “Page Mounted” logic flow? Does it conflict with an auth system of some type?