Preview opens suuuuper slow as of just a few minutes ago

I’ve hit it two more times in a row, so we’re definitely in the midst of a whatever-the-problem-is. Unfortunately, it’s super duper late where you guys are, so I’ll just switch to other tasks and try again later.


We’ve identified an issue where very high amounts of flow functions start to cause problems with the Preview app refreshing, and hope to get some improvements out soon! Sorry for the inconvenience!

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In case it’s helpful: I’ve noticed a number of times where the previewer won’t load on mobile, but it does load on desktop. Most of the time, if one fails they both fail. But not always.

A couple other oddities just in case they’re relevant to this bug. (My assumption is that they’re all simply related to how big my app has grown):

  1. Sometimes, it tells me it failed to save because it conflicted with another open version (I don’t have it open anywhere else). Sometimes when it tells me it failed to save, it saves it successfully anyway.

  2. I now have some buttons that work on desktop but not on mobile. I’m working now on characterizing this bug (which is a slow process without the previewer), and will give you a full report in a separate post.

Hi! Just to let you know, there are improvements related to this that are coming in 2.6.X (not out yet, but hopefully next week or the week after), hopefully that update will solve this for you!

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