Preview stopped working on iPad

Preview stopped working in iPad Pro. Trying to bring up Preview fails with the message “Network error. retrying to download the app descriptor”. This condition persists endlessly. The Preview was working fine up until a couple of days ago.the Preview on my iPhone is working OK. Have deleted the Preview and reinstalled it several times, with the same result.

Sometimes the.Preview opens, but when I try to open my project, the page simply displays the spinner. However, the Preview can open a small project i have alongside my main app.

Web Apps
Clicking on Open App Preview Portal fails to open my project. The spinner displays, but the app does not open. However, The App Preview Portal opens a very small project I have alongside my main app.

The Preview in my iPhone works fine and opens my project without difficulty.

I think what’s happened is that you possibly created the app ages ago. Then Appgyver switched over to SAP Appgyver. Your app is on an old version.

If you create a new task / app - you should be able to view that on the preview.

You will need to copy and paste your app over to your new task. Then you’ll be able to view on the SAP Appgyver app.