Previews on web and Android not working

Happens on multiple apps

Can’t open preview on web or Android app

Oh good - this is a server issue not just me.
I thought I’d broken something and started to undo a ton of stuff that I’d just configured.
Using Web.

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Same here. Some CORS errors.

Hi all,
Are you still experiencing that issue? The preview is operational at the moment.

SAP AppGyver Android Previewer opens the app but soons crashes on loading a page with a list of around 50 items. Every time. This has been observed for about a week now.

The alternative to testing android apps is going to be building apk and installing? Hopefully not. Please look into it, @Mari @Harri_Sarsa

@Bruno_Oliveira Can you please create a bug ticket in the Tracker for this issue with your app ID and details of the device where you’re running the preview? It sounds like the crash could be related to app logic rather than the preview app: