Pricing model confusion

New to AppGyver. I do not understand the pricing model. It seems my choices are:

  1. Free - but you can’t build an app that needs server side storage because the cloud data resource is “hobby only”.

  2. Super expensive (apparently >6-figures) and I’m required to have $10m+ in either revenue or funding.

That really deflates the initial excitement I had about this platform. Seems like a really weird customer segmentation. I can always roll my own storage and build a REST interface against an AWS resource or something - but why make customers do that if you want to be the leader in low-code? I can’t pay a $100k+ annual fee, but I can certainly pay something that is meaningful.

Am I missing something?

Hi Wayne…

I do get your point that since it’s a low-code system, it kind of doesn’t make sense that users will need to build their own backend…

But to ease things a bit, @Harri_Sarsa one of the AppGyver’s awesome team members, said this on one thread: “We are cooking up a visual Backend-as-a-Service product”

So with that said, AppGyver will be able to cater to users that don’t know any backend development, making it a more powerful low-code system.

So for now, AppGyver users can build production-ready apps that either use Client-side storage or REST API integration as a backend, and later use a visual backend system

But I think many will appreciate that they are still able to build their own backend because 1) you will not be forced to stick with one service provider to host the app and provide the database constrained by their pricing model and server limitations and 2) you have the freedom to use any backend one is familiar with and/or can afford.

And regarding the pricing model, my understanding is that if your company is a large enterprise i.e has $10 Million in revenue or funding, then that’s when you may pay for the platform’s services.

Otherwise, if you’re an individual or small/medium business that’s not making that much revenue, then you are free to use AppGyver with either a Client-side storage or REST API integration as a backend for production-ready apps.

In the meantime, we’ll wait until the visual Backend-as-a-Service product is available then I think more users will be catered to, although I don’t know the pricing on that one yet.

But if you’re looking for a no-code system with a visual backend integrated already, you may consider, the only downside, as mentioned before, is that you’re tied down to their pricing and system features, and you’ll need to pay more if you’d like your app to be more performant, which sometimes (not always) may have speed and load time issues as you will see on their forums.

And Bubble is mainly catering to web apps, but there are workarounds if you’d like mobile apps, and it has a strong, active community…But I suppose each software has its own fans, and I think you can already tell that I’m a fan of AppGyver :smile:

Anyway, I hope you found the above to be helpful.

Very good summary @Divine_Maredi!

We do hear the pain about not having an integrated backend-as-a-service offering, and it’s confusing and frustrating to hit that wall after the first excitement.

As said, we plan to address this from two angles:

  1. Make it easier to create direct REST API integrations to existing BaaS providers with templates or even setup wizards in Composer
  2. Roll out the Backend-as-a-Service offering as soon as possible

Of course, it would’ve been awesome to release with both these points being true, and perhaps this is an area we should’ve focused more on, but in any case, it’s definitely something that’s on our active roadmap.


Okay. Tracking - thanks for the reply. And to be clear, I’m not trying to be “no good deed goes unpunished” as Appgyver making this available for free is a great thing. The “hobby” language on the cloud data, though, can really come across as “here’s something free for you tinkerers, but don’t bother us unless you’re a real company with $10m in revenue.” On the other hand, it’s a tough position for you to be in as you could suddenly find yourself with a handful of fast growing startups taking down your free tier production servers.

In my short time using it - Appgyver seems to be an incredible tool. Thank you for making available. Looking forward to enhanced data backend. (and being able to add a collaborator account or two on a project would be nice - and I’m happy to pay for that, or not!).

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Yup, I do see the contrast – it obviously wasn’t our intention to convey a message of “go away if you’re not enterprise”, on the contrary. But what you said is just right – to be able to provide a production-grade backend for free, or even provide the option to upgrade to one for money was just not something we’ve had a chance to build to completion yet, and we didn’t want to provide false advertising.

It would be quite bad if someone built their startup around our free offering and then hit the realization that it’s not really production-grade, so we didn’t want that.

Thanks for the feedback in any case!

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