Primary button border buged in cellphone?

idk why, but in web view is correctly, but in my 2 cell phones android, the border don’t work

Web view:


Hrmm. Android has had issues and pickiness when it comes to borders and shadows… Can you show screenshots of the style and layout settings of a button that is not working for you? Are you using shadow or not?

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i only use borders (no shadows)

349691 my app id if you want see that

Hi! Sorry for the belated answer. Seems that the default button style (“primary”) has a small shadow included. Remove the shadow so you can see the borders. I filed a bug report on the issue of the shadow+border not working, but by this you can fix this for your app for now.

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Hello mevi, I saw that the border was updated, I already did the upgrade, but on the phone the borders are not working in my devices, Sansumg A02 and an Ipad 5gen

And my web preview isn’t working, so I can’t see it there, but it probably isn’t working either

Hmm if it isn’t showing in web or iOS either, then something else is going on. However I went to look in your app and at least on the login page the button seemed to work fine? If there’s some button that does not work still, please check its style settings.