Print Screen disable

Screen capture disabled, how do I enable it in every app?

If you find a way let me know. Its annoying. Much like the advertising flag that is set too. I don´t have adds in my app, but have to say that I do as the appropriate flag isn´t set in the apk.

I haven’t seen anything about that advertising flag nor remember having had to declare that my app runs ads. At least not in the Play Store.

"This release includes the permission but your declaration on Play Console says that your app doesn’t use advertising ID.

You must update your advertising ID declaration."

The above is the message from play store. As I can´t see any way to change the setting in my builñd, I had to tell play store that my add free app “has ads”, in order to match what the AG build says.

Oh, it has an advertising ID. Ok.

Now that you mention it, I think I might also have run into that but it wouldn’t worry me in as much as it doesn’t equate to declaring the app runs ads. It just contains an advertising ID, maybe an infrastructure to support ads in the future.