Private IOS Distribution Issue


I built an IOS app with AppGyver to be distributed privately via Apple Business Manager.

We are using Jamf to add it to our employee’s devices, but it has not been successful. We had support at Jamf look into it and they believe it is an issue with the app itself. Below is the email they sent:

I attempted to install the app from both Apple Configurator and my own Jamf Pro test instance. Both attempted to install but are still greyed out and when I tap the app it gives a message saying it did not install correctly. This device was on iOS 13.5.

Because the app install fails in the exact same way on Apple Configurator as Jamf Pro, it is highly likely that there is an issue with the app itself and not the deployment. We recommend reaching out to the app developer to investigate this issue further, as we are not able to make any changes to the app itself.

Any idea what is wrong? It works in TestFlight and was approved by Apple.

App ID: 125481

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Thank you in advance!

If the app works through TestFlight then I highly doubt it’s an issue with the binary file itself. I’m not familiar with Jamf – my understanding of Apple Business Manager is that it works by providing codes for employees that can then be redeemed via App Store app (if distributing outside your organization), and by registering devices via MDM if the app is distributed only in your organization. Could it be the device/Apple ID you’re installing to is not correctly registered in Apple Business Manager somehow?

Using the redemption codes does work. What didn’t work was doing it via an MDM which it fine. It would just be nice to have the ability to revoke an app from a users phone. We can just invalidate a users login credentials. Any idea why that didn’t work? Also curious why it wouldn’t allow me to download it with xcode?

Sorry for the abysmal response time! My initial hunch would be that the MDM platform itself somehow has some incorrect certificate configuration in relation to how the app is packaged. Perhaps Jamf support could analyze the IPA file and see if something is amiss? Unfortunately no other ideas off the top of my head.